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Despite conceding ground with the vote, councilpersons by and large continued to voice opposition to the idea of building on the Baylands, a course they suggest they’ve been railroaded into by Sacramento. “We’re going to have to move forward, much as people don’t like it,” said Brisbane Mayor Clark Conway. “The only word I can use is that the state is now housing anal. [...] The best four-letter word I have for it, I call it five letters: It sucks.” By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. “The housing crisis is intense, it’s real, it’s overpowering the arguments we’re making. I hate it,” said Mayor Pro-Tempore Madison Davis before she too resigned herself to a yes vote on potential housing. Developer Universal Paragon Corporation [UPC] wants to build more than 4,000 homes and seven million square feet of office and retail in the Baylands. The proposal has been held up for years, partly over concerns about how such a large new development might change a town as small as Brisbane (population 4,700 or so) and partly over worries about whether the site, a former garbage dump, can be sufficiently decontaminated. Although the city’s proposal is roughly half what UPC wants, it amounts to a big concession compared to past opposition. “We started at ‘Why does there have to be development at all?’ That went over like a lead balloon,” said Tom McMorrow, the city’s chair of state policy practice. UPC renderings for proposed Baylands development.

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