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Violinist Lu Siqing joins MSO for its East Meets West concert

"Many people saw a lot more opportunities and were eager to learn, like a dry sponge that suddenly gets water and absorbs everything," Lu says. "Now people realise that music is unique, can be a really positive influence in their lives, can bring calmness and a chance to educate themselves." Forty million Chinese children are learning musical instruments, he says, and the government has provided firm support, including building top-class venues. In the past two years Lu has played more than 50 concerts in more than 40 Chinese cities, each in a really good concert hall. "For me, music is unique," he says. "Where the word stops, music begins. It goes beyond cultural background, races and cultures. That's why Western music is so successful – because it has risen to become a universal language." Is he a prophet for music in China? "Yes, yes, yes," he says. "I want to be like that.

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